Information about the use of CCTV by Kerry County Council

There are a number of different use cases, where Kerry County Council uses CCTV or other technology which processes images, which are listed in the table below.

Image Technology Application Application detail Section Additional notes
CCTV for Overt Litter purposes To monitor bottle banks at 5 locations, to prevent and investigate littering offences at these locations Environment A policy in this area was agreed with the Data Protection Commissioner.
CCTV for Covert litter purposes To monitor locations identified as current litter / dumping blackspots.

Purpose is to investigate littering / dumping offences. Typically for a limited duration.

Environment Currently inactive.

A policy in this area was agreed with the Data Protection Commissioner.

CCTV for building and staff security We have a number of CCTV cameras, both internally and externally in KCC property Facilities


Cameras are also operated by other Business Units in single tenant locations e.g. Fire Stations, Libraries.
CCTV for asset / installation insurance A number of sculptures / installations have an insurance requirement Facilities, Operations / Municipal Districts Three sculptures are monitored by CCTV for insurance purposes.

·        Monsignor Hugh O’Flaherty, Mission Road, Killarney

·        “Kerry Footballing Heroes”, Clashlehane Roundabout, Tralee

·        Rutting Red Deer, Courthouse, Killarney

CCTV in KCC Housing developments Security of KCC properties, estate management, public safety: namely to prevent and investigate Anti-social behaviour incidents Housing Insert link to locations
CCTV in amenity areas Security of KCC amenities and public safety: namely to prevent and investigate Anti-social behaviour incidents.


In addition we have cameras monitoring the security of the Public Convenience in Tralee Town Park as well as the playground in the Town Park. Public safety is a secondary purpose for these cameras so they are not included in the Audit response.

Operations Insert link to locations
Community CCTV schemes where KCC is the Data Controller None at present
Webcams Located primarily for tourism purposes (cameras are currently located in Fenit and Denny Street, Tralee) Webteam, Tourism section Personal data is not processed by these webcams – wide angles are used in the streamed images and images are not stored by KCC
Time-lapse video Island of Geese site in Tralee town centre. Economic Development Personal data is not processed – wide angles and time staggered images are recorded for archive and promotional purposes. Workers on-site notified by means of signage and communications
Drone and aerial footage Drones and manned aerial footage is currently used for a variety of purposes – Tourism and road survey / coastal erosion, flooding surveys.

In each case this work was contracted to a third party but KCC stores the recorded footage.

Civil Defence advise that is intended to use drone technology going forward in a number of applications such as :

–        Search & Rescue
–        Severe weather event mgt
–        Gorse Fire incidents
–        Tourism events
–        Planning Enforcement
–        Landfill cell monitoring, etc.

Personal data not processed – wide angles are used.
Other digital photo and video footage Staff in certain roles routinely use digital cameras and smartphone camera devices to capture and process still and video images, e.g. Traffic Wardens taking pictures of illegally parked vehicles, Building Control officers of Sites, unlawful Casual Trading Operations (Parking enforcement, Roads Enforcement),

Building Control, Planning Enforcement, Environmental enforcement, Insurance / Risk Control

In general, images of individuals are not processed. The exceptions are stated in the Audit return.

Further CCTV Information:

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