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Bike Unit


Casualty Info:
Civil Defence is a recognised training institute by the Pre Hospital Emergency Care Council (PHECC), volunteers are certified from Cardiac First Response (CFR) to Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) through Civil Defence. Civil Defence also qualifies volunteers in Occupational First Aid. Volunteers are qualified to responder and instructor standard. A large number of volunteers, who work full-time in the statutory ambulance services, provide their expertise and skills to assist the Civil Defence College provide training to volunteers.

Volunteers provide first aid at community to national events; for example, community events, national sporting events and concerts. Civil Defence has access to the appropriate equipment required for administration of patient care within each standard. Civil Defence is authorised to use PHECC's Clinical Practice Guideline (CPG's). Recertification, up-skilling and Continuous Professional Competency (CPC) are provided for all Civil Defence volunteers, to ensure they maintain their high standard of pre-hospital patient care.

Rescue Info:
Missing person searches is one of the most regular call-outs for Civil Defence volunteers who work in support of An Garda Síochana during such demanding duties. Civil Defence volunteers are qualified to national standards; at Responder, Search Manager and Instructor. Regular joint training exercises are held with An Garda Síochana; which are very beneficial to all concerned.

Auxiliary Fire Service:
Civil Defence provides first line support to the fire service, volunteers skills include pumping and transfer of water. During environmental and flooding events Civil Defence provide personnel and equipment in support to the Local Authority Fire Services.

Volunteers are qualified as instructors in Water Awareness; which informs volunteers of the dangers and difficulties working near water, this may be during a missing persons search or a flood event. The Civil Defence instructors also can certify Basic Water Rescuer, Swiftwater& Flood First Responder. These qualifications are invaluable in flooding and other environmental emergencies

Welfare Service:
The Welfare service is one of the most important services provided by Civil Defence, the welfare service is divided into two areas; Food Preparation and Safety and Evacuation of Displaced people. Both sections provide a very important service, which may be required at every emergency situation.

Civil Defence volunteers are qualified to prepare food to high standards, purchase and safe storage of food prior to serving is part of the training. Volunteers are certified by the Food Safety Authority of Ireland.

Setting up of Evacuation Centres and Registering people attending such centres is a role allocated to Civil Defence under the Major Emergency Framework. Civil Defence supports the Primary Response Agencies in during such events, specifically in the registration, feeding and other supports to people in need.


Civil Defence operates a number of radio communications systems.

These include:  V.H.F (Very High Frequency) system which provides wide-area radio coverage. This is a national system that incorporates a network of radio base stations and hill-top radio repeater sites throughout the country. This enables communications between the headquarters and Civil Defence vehicles in each county area. U.H.F (Ultra High Frequency) system that is used mainly for on-site radio communications. This provides local radio coverage at incident sites and local areas of operation utilising U.H.F Mobile Radios, fitted to vehicles and Handheld Radios.  Civil Defence also operates a number of TETRA digital radio terminals which provide inter-communication with the primary response agencies, such as the Gardai, HSE and the Fire Services. For its water based operations, Civil Defence utilises Marine V.H.F. radio which enables communications between the boat crews and other marine agencies such as the R.N.L.I., the Coast Guard and the various coastal and harbour radio stations. Communications training is provided on all aspects of Civil Defence radio operations. 

Bike Unit:

Civil Defence operate a team of highly equipped bikes for use at large events and events where ambulance access is difficult. This is an integral part of our unit structure. Emergency First Responders members provide first aid cover with these bikes and carry a full range of life saving equipment.
These bikes allow us to respond quicker and more efficiently to situations that arise in dense crowds, and help us to get rapid care to the patient's side. All selected members manning the bikes undergo specialist bike training, as well as intensive first aid and BLS training.


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