Kerry County Council Introduces First eRefuse Solution

Released: 17 January 2007

Kerry County Council has introduced a new and innovative electronic payment system for its Refuse and Recycling Services which will eliminate the need for customers to attach paper lift tags to their bins.

Customers are now able to purchase ‘bin credit’ by means of a Charge Card at Kerry County Council Offices and at designated shops around the County. The system will become fully operational from Monday February 5. 

Heaphy’s Shop in Ballylongford is the first shop in Kerry to install the system, with Noel Heaphy declaring himself delighted with the new system.

“It is very easy to use, both for staff and for members of the public, and from a retailers point of view it will eliminate the need to retain and control stock.”

The system will be available in shops throughout the county from February 5, with 110 shops in Kerry selling the ‘bin credit’.

Under the new system, all a customer needs to do is take their card to Kerry County Council offices, or a participating retailer and purchase ‘bin credit’ in the same way they can purchase mobile phone credit.

The solution was developed using a combination of technologies from the ePayments company, Alphyra and AMCS, a Limerick based automated refuse solution provider.

 The electronic payment system utilises Alphyra’s existing payment network in retail outlets throughout the county and works in tandem with the new electronic bin Identification System installed on the Refuse Collection Trucks.

“We looked at what was out there and decided to go with technology that is already available, customised to meet Kerry County Council’s needs,” John O’Connor Head of Finance.

Whenever a bin is collected, an electronic chip in the bin is read by a computer on the bin truck. If there is sufficient credit on the bin account the bin is emptied and the cost of lifting the bin is then deducted from the account.  If the customer has insufficient credit in their account then the bin will not be empted.

John O’Connor, Head of Finance, commented that “implementing this complex project, has been a major task for Kerry County Council, with a number of stakeholders involved both internally and externally. 

“This project spans a number of internal departments, such as Environment, Finance, IT, Procurement and Revenue, as well as Alphyra and AMCS. 

“This initiative is a measure to further modernise our service and enhance service standards for our refuse customers. The new system will streamline payment for the customer, while providing better management information, leading to improved service delivery for the years ahead.”

“This new innovative solution adopts the relevant EU directives, national guidelines, provides a more efficient process for retailers and caters for customers’ demands. Already customers have begun to embrace this new concept and are procuring the service electronically,” explained Brian Sweeney, Acting Director of Environment.

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