New speed limit signs for Kerry roads

Released: 16 January 2007

Motorists in Tralee or Listowel town are noticing something new as they approach and leave the town.

Highly visible neon speed limits have been installed at the outskirts of both towns, and when motorists are exceeding the speed limit, the speed signs light up to alert drivers that they are breaking the law.

The automated activated speed warning lights are the first in the country, with Kerry County Council having installed eight of them around Tralee and Listowel on a trial basis.

And according to Director of Roads, Transportation and Safety, Tom Curran, it is hoped that they will alert people to their driving speed.

“These lights work on a radar basis and are only activated if a motorist is breaking the speed limit in that particular area,” he explained.

“If you are approaching the sign and are under the speed limit, it will not switch on, but if you are over the limit, the sign will light up.

“We believe that it’s a good way of alerting people that they are actually breaking the speed limit and hopefully it will help them to change their driving habits.”

If a Garda speed checkpoint had been operating instead of the warning lights, it could mean two points on a motorist’s licence.

However, all vehicles passing by will have their speed recorded, in order to give Kerry County Council a record of the speeds travelled on that stretch of road, and how many motorists are breaking the speed limit.

And Tom Curran is hopeful that measures to increase awareness of road safety, such as these lights, will help to reduce the level of fatalities on Kerry roads, which rose sharply in 2006.

“Nationally the number of fatalities is down by 8% in 2006, compared to 2005, but in Kerry, we are up from 11 fatalities to 21, an increase of 91%. We all have a role to play, in particular in the area of road safety.”

Kerry County Council undertakes numerous measures to ensure road safety for all road users, namely, low-high cost safety improvement schemes, traffic calming measures, operation of the collision prevention programme, development control, new alignments and the recent Speed Limit and Special Speed Limit By-Laws, which came into force on January 1, 2007.

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