Kerry Road Safety Strategy launched

Released: 17 December 2008

Kerry County Council launched their Road Safety Strategy 2008-2012 in Fels Point Hotel on Wednesday, 17 December with a plea for motorists to take care on Kerry roads.

In the past 10 years, a total of 143 people have been killed on Kerry roads, with 19 so far in 2008. The Road Safety Strategy aims to reduce the number of road traffic accidents through Education, Enforcement, Engineering and Evaluation.

Drawn up in conjunction with the Kerry Gardaí, Road Safety Authority, HSE, and National Roads Authority, the Strategy highlights who is most at risk on Kerry roads and the times of the week when accidents are more likely to happen.

Young males aged 17-34 are most at risk of being involved in traffic accidents, while the weekends (Sat-Mon) show the highest level of fatal road traffic accidents. The time when the greatest number of collisions happens is between 11pm-4am.

“When you look at the tragic accidents on Kerry roads, you are not just talking about the loss of life,” Mayor of Kerry Tom Fleming stated. “You also have to look at the impact on those left behind, heartbroken families, communities and work colleagues. The tragedy leaves an impact on a large number of people for many, many years.”

Director of Roads, Transportation & Safety with Kerry County Council, Charlie O’Sullivan, stated that such a Strategy could only have come together with the co-operation of all the agencies.

“Reducing the number of deaths on Kerry roads can only be tackled with the support of all parties, including the Gardaí, Kerry County Council and others,” he said.

However, he warned that those using Kerry roads had a personal responsibility to drive with care. “A car can be a lethal weapon if it is used wrongly,” he said. “Drivers and those using the road have a responsibility towards themselves, their passengers and other road users.

“Christmas is a time to be spent with family and loved ones. We’re trying to ensure that families won’t face into next Christmas without one of them.”

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