Council warns against erecting election posters on Traffic Signs, or obstructing traffic sightlines

Kerry County Council is advising candidates for the forthcoming European & Local Elections not to erect election posters on road traffic signs or poles carrying road traffic signs.

Additionally, the Council is advising against hanging banners and posters from road overbridges and pedestrian bridges, as they could become loose or be interfered with by third parties and could fall onto fast moving traffic.

Wednesday, April 23rd is the first day that candidates are permitted to erect posters for the forthcoming election. However, Kerry County Council is asking those erecting posters to ensure that they do not obstruct the view of traffic at junctions and interfere with pedestrians on roads and footpaths.

“Traffic and road signs are specifically designed to be clearly read by passing motorists, Acting Director of Roads, Transportation & Safety, Ger MacNamara stated. “Election posters attached to road signs can obstruct the sign, and can also visually clutter the sign, making it difficult to read. Under Section 95 of the Road Traffic Act 1961, it is an offence to attach any sign or poster to any road traffic sign or pole.”

And he also advised those erecting posters near junctions to ensure that they are not blocking road users sightlines. “We would also advise that posters not cause an obstruction or nuisance to people using footpaths,” he said

In addition, ESB Networks is warning against the placing of posters on electricity poles/structures during the forthcoming Local and European Elections campaign. Any unauthorised contact or near contact with the electricity network can result in serious injury or fatality to persons using electricity poles for this purpose. Similar risks apply when posters are being removed.

ESB Networks has previously experienced incidents where election posters have caught fire following contact with the electricity network resulting in loss of supply to customers and damaged infrastructure.

Following polling day, May 23rd, candidates have seven days to remove all election posters and signage. “We would appeal to all candidates to remove not only their posters, but also the materials they use to attach the posters, including cable ties,” Ger MacNamara stated

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