Interaction of Fire Safety Certificates with planning permission process

This section does not seek to describe the process of obtaining planning permission from your local authority for a building you wish to build. This section gives an outline of normal involvement of the fire authority during a planning application and describes what input it has at this early stage.

Planning Permission
Once committed to building you will normally have to apply for planning permission. As part of your planning application you will submit four copies of your design plans. One set of these plans is generally sent to the Fire Authority for comment. As planning normally precedes any Fire Safety Certificate application, it is the first time the fire authority will see the proposed layout of your building.
It gives the fire authority the opportunity to let you know of any problems it sees with your application. The earlier problems are highlighted, the easier it is to address them. This also allows for any subsequent Fire Safety Certificates application to be processed more smoothly and helps to avoid the need for reapplication of planning permission if necessary Fire Safety changes are required. 

Issues addressed at Planning
The major issues dealt with at planning stage are as follows.
• Any significant issue relating to poor fire safety design. Poor internal layouts, inadequate means of escape etc. are highlighted at this stage.
• Exposure of the building to neighboring buildings in the event of a fire
• Fire Service access to the site
• Water supplies
If the Fire Authority has issues with your proposal at planning stage it will normally contact the Planning Department with recommendations who will normally contact the person (agent) who prepared your planning application. He/she will be invited to discuss any problems and requested they be addressed and revised plans submitted.
The planning department does not refer private dwellings to the fire authority for comment. The Fire Authority does however make recommendations in relation to new housing estate applications.

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