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Kerry County Council was established under the Local Government (Ireland) Act 1898. The first meeting was held in the Courthouse, Ashe Street, Tralee, on 22nd April, 1899. At different stages Kerry County Council had its headquarters at the County Hall, Godfrey Place, Tralee (across from the Dominican Church) and at the Ashe Memorial Hall, Denny Street, Tralee. Since January 1989, Kerry County Council has had its headquarters at Rathass, Tralee.

Kerry County Council has been operating in the service of the people of CountyKerry for over 100 years and has evolved in that time to the body presently responsible for the provision of a wide range of services for the community. Now in our second centennial of existence, we intend to continue to change and adapt our role in accordance with the changing demands and expectations of the people whom we serve. In this context Kerry County Council embraces the three principles of Comhar, Cabhair agus Cairdeas enshrined in our motto on the County Coat-of-Arms and undertake to uphold the following values:

Comhar [Co-operation] To work in partnerships to ensure that the democratic rights of each individual and organisation are recognised.

Cabhair [Service] To be committed to providing a first class service to the public in a manner that is honest, open, fair and gives value for money. We will exercise our regulatory role in an equitable and impartial manner in the interests of the common good.

Cairdeas [Friendliness] To value the friendliness for which the people of Kerry are renowned and so, we aim to ensure that our service to the community is given in a courteous and responsive manner. 


Kerry County Council is an organisation of more than 1,200 staff. This staff resource gives Kerry County Council the capacity to address issues in a multi-disciplinary manner and to respond to the needs of the community and emergencies through out the entire geographical area.

Kerry County Council is both a provider of essential services to the citizens of Kerry as well as a representational body for the people of Kerry. Local Government in Ireland operates jointly through directly elected representatives and full time executives headed by the Chief Executive, (formerly County Manager)

The following are the principal managerial positions as at April 2016



Senior Management


Business Area

Business Unit Head





Economic Development & Community

Michael Scannell, A/ Director of Service

Business Support/LEO

Tomas Hayes, Head of Local Enterprise



Community & Built Infrastructure

(including Municipal District Officers and Support)

Niamh O Sullivan, Senior Executive Officer



Tourism Development

Joan McCarthy, Senior Executive Officer



Planning & Sustainable Development (including Enforcement)

Senior Planner/Senior Engineer – (VACANT)

Enforcement – Gerard O Brien A/ Senior Executive Officer





Quality of Life/Water

John Breen, Director of Service

Fire/ Building Control

Michael Hession, Chief Fire Officer



Environmental Protection

Gerard O Brien, A/ Senior Executive Officer



Water Services

John Kennelly, A/ Senior Engineer



Library Services

Tommy O Connor, CountyLibrarian





Corporate Services & Housing

Martin O Donoghue, A/ Director of Service

Human Resources & Org Development

Liam Quinlan, Senior Executive Officer



Corporate Services/Meetings Administration

Liam Quinlan, Senior Executive Officer




Christina Farrell, Senior Executive Officer



Internal Audit

Michael O Leary, Senior Executive Officer





Finance, Procurement and IT

Angela McAllen, Head of Finance


Karen Lynch, Senior Executive Officer

Joanna Maher, Financial/Management Accountant



Information Technology

Brian Looney, Head of Information Systems




Catherine Carmody, A/Head of Procurement





Operations, Infrastructure, Health & Safety

Charlie O Sullivan, Director of Service


David Doyle, A/Senior Engineer

Gerry Riordan, Senior Engineer



Capital Infrastructure

Tom Sheehy, Senior Engineer



National Road Design Office

Paul Curry, A/Senior Engineer





Legal Services

Rosemary Cronin, A/ County Solicitor



The Chief Executive of the Council and is responsible for the day to day operations of Kerry County Council. She acts by means of a written Manager’s Order. When making decisions the CE must act in a way that is consistent with the policy framework that has been established by the elected members and she must take into account the wishes of the elected members. The CE has delegated her powers, duties and functions in relation to a number of service areas to individual members of the Senior Management Team which is made up of Directors of Service in a number of different departments within the Council.

The functions carried out by the County Manager are called ‘executive functions’. These functions include the following:


  • the granting or refusal of planning permission  
  • the renting of local authority homes  
  • the management of staff

Representational Role of Kerry County Council

The representational role is performed by the directly elected members of Kerry County Council. Kerry County Council is made up of 33 elected members drawn from five Municipal Districts which were introduced to replace the old Local Electoral Areas following the passage of the Local Government Reform Act, 2014. The councillors are elected by the proportional representation system, for a period of five years. The Council elects a Cathaoirleach (chairperson) at its Annual Meeting in June each year.

Kerry County Council Councillors

Corporate plans and strategies 

Annual Report 

Contact details for all offices:

Kerry County Council can be contacted in the following ways:

Phone: 066 7183500

A list of contact details for the various departments and offices in Kerry County Council can be found here:

Kerry County Council, Co. Buildings, Rathass, Tralee

Phone: (066) 718 3500     Email: