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Scéim Gaeilge 2014-2017

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Scéim Gaeilge 2010-2013

Scéim Gaeilge 2005-2008

Irish is a central part of our national heritage, a vital link to our past and a unique element of diversity to out thriving tourist industry. Kerry County Council understands the importance of Irish to the people of Kerry, both within and outside our Gaeltacht areas and we are committed to

  • supporting Council staff in providing services through Irish for the people of Kerry (Scéimeanna Gaeilge)


  • protecting and promoting Irish as the community language of the Gaeltacht. (SG9-3 Kerry County Development Plan 2009-2015)

We in Kerry County Council have a legislative obligation, under the Official Languages Act 2003, to provide services to the public in Irish of equal standard to those provided through English, and we readily accept this challenge.

Find out more in the following webpages about the work Kerry County Council is currently undertaking to develop our services through Irish and our supports for the use of Irish in Kerry.

If you have any query on any of the Council’s Irish language services, or if you would like to conduct your business in Irish, you can contact us on

Kerry County Council, Co. Buildings, Rathass, Tralee

Phone: (066) 718 3500     Email:

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