Explanatory Notes

Local authorities are the main providers of housing for people who are in need of housing and who cannot afford it from their own resources by way of making available a range of rented housing to meet a variety of accommodation needs. To be considered for local authority housing, you should apply to your local authority – Kerry County Council, Killarney Town Council, Listowel Town Council or Tralee Town Council - as the case may be.

Do I qualify?

If you are in need of housing and unable to provide it from your own resources, you may apply for local authority housing. In assessing your application, the local authority will take into account such factors as household size, household income, your present accommodation (if any), the condition of that accommodation and any special circumstances including age, disability, medical circumstances etc. Houses are allocated to applicants in order of priority, taking all circumstances into account. The rents are related to your ability to pay.

Where do I apply?

Application forms are available from the

Housing Department,
Kerry County Council,
Áras an Chontae,
Tel. 066-7183862/066 7183705.

 If you are interested in being considered for housing in any of the three Town Councils
(Killarney, Listowel or Tralee) you should contact them at:-

Housing Department, 
Killarney Town Council,
Áras an Phádraig,
Tel. - 064-31023
Fax - 064-34187  

Housing Department,
Listowel Town Council, 
Áras an Phiarsiagh,  
Charles Street,
Tel. - 068-21004 
Fax - 068-22453

Housing Department,
Tralee Town Council,
Princes Quay,
Tel. - 066-7121633
Fax - 066-7124620

If I qualify what do I do next?

Kerry County Council will inform you if you have been approved as an eligible person for housing. As houses become available to Kerry County Council for letting, they are allocated to applicants in order of priority, taking all circumstances into account. You should bear in mind that your position on the housing list may go up or down, as your circumstances, and those of other applicants, change.

Does inclusion on the housing list qualify me for other housing measures?

Inclusion on the housing list presents a number of additional options to housing applicants. For example, if your housing needs can be met by the extension or improvement of a privately owned house (either owned by you or by a relative), the scheme of Improvement Works in Lieu of local authority housing may be appropriate. You may also qualify for a
Low Cost Housing Site, Shared Ownership, Affordable Housing or the Voluntary Housing Schemes.What if I don't qualify?If you don't qualify, the local authority will inform you and explain the reasons for their decision. The authority can provide information and offer advice on other housing options available - e.g. Shared Ownership, Affordable Housing, local authority housing loans etc.

What happens if they offer me a house that I don't want?

You may, of course, decline an offer of accommodation made by Kerry County Council. However, you should be aware that, if we consider your reasons for refusing a house not well based, we may, in certain circumstances, reduce your priority on the housing list.

If I get a house, how much rent will I pay?

Kerry County Council charges rents related to the income of the household. Therefore, if your income is low, you can expect to pay a low rent. If your financial circumstances improve, the rent will rise accordingly.

Can I buy my house from the local authority?

Yes. If you have been a tenant of a Kerry County Council house for at least one year you may apply to purchase it at a discounted price. You may purchase the house outright within 25 years. If you are buying outright, you have the choice of applying to Kerry County Council or to a bank or a building society for a mortgage loan.

Kerry County Council, Co. Buildings, Rathass, Tralee

Phone: (066) 718 3500     Email: info@kerrycoco.ie

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