Welcome to the Recruitment Section

Human Resources imageThe function of the Human Resources Department is to ensure that a suitably qualified, trained and resourced staff is deployed within all of the Council's services.

The Department is also responsible for industrial relations issues, the safety, health and welfare of employees and is a key Department within the organisation, the main focus of which is the provision of services to other operational areas of the Council.

The Human Resources Department deals with the recruitment of all staff employed by the Council.  Clerical/Administrative and Professional/Technical staff are recruited under national regulations that prescribe recruitment procedures, qualifications, etc.  Recruitment is by way of formal application and competitive examination or interview.

Outdoor employees are recruited by means of formal application and competitive interview.

Senior posts within the organisation are generally filled on the recommendation of the Public Appointments Service who undertake the recruitment procedure on the Council's behalf.

In many instances, to minimise the need for numerous interviews the Council establishes panels of qualified applicants from which future vacancies may be filled.

Kerry County Council is an equal opportunities employer and will ensure compliance with equality legislation in all selection/interview procedures. Applicants are provided with the details through the job advertisement and the information details provided at the application stage.  All interview boards are provided with a reference document that promotes a uniform approach by members of the board.

Kerry County Council, Co. Buildings, Rathass, Tralee

Phone: (066) 718 3500     Email: info@kerrycoco.ie

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