Off The Road Declarations - Update

If your "off the road" declaration is coming to an end you should have received a reminder to tax your vehicle.

You must now either tax the vehicle, or make a further declaration of non-use. Please read the following carefully:

Declaring non use of the vehicle

If you are still keeping the vehicle off the road, you must make the off the road declaration in advance i.e. the declaration must be made in the month of expiry of your current non-use declaration (please check your expiry date on your renewal notice).  If you do not make the declaration and ensure the form is in the Motor Tax office by this date, you will be required to pay a minimum 3 months tax (and arrears if applicable) before a declaration of non-use can be accepted.

You may declare it off the road at using the PIN provided in the accompanying motor tax renewal notice. Alternatively you may complete form RF150 (available to download from and submit it to your local motor tax office.

In order to avoid the expense of travelling to your local motor tax office, take time off work, or queue for service at that office, it is recommended that you tax or declare the vehicle off the road at . Please note that there is no charge for doing so. 

If you have further questions you should contact your local motor tax office, or the Driver Vehicle and Computer Services Division at 1890 411 412, email  

Taxing the vehicle

If the vehicle is being brought back on the road, then you can only tax it from the beginning of a month. The vehicle can be taxed online at with the PIN provided in the accompanying renewal notice, or alternatively at your local motor tax office. The start date of the disc will be the 1st of the month in which you renew it.

If the vehicle is taxed, you will be liable for the tax from the beginning of that month, and the disc will begin from the start of that month.

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