Light Goods Test Centres

Approved Light Goods (vehicles with a D.G.V. weight ≤ 3500 k.g.) Test centres within the Kerry area:  

These are:

1.  Kelliher's Garage, Rathass, Tralee

2.  Reen's Garage, Rathmore

3.  Moran's Garage, Dingle

4.  Ahern's Garage, Castleisland

5. T. Nolan & Sons Ltd., Castleisland

6. West Autos, Newcastlewest, Co. Limerick

7. Glenview Motors, Macroom, Co. Cork

Testing Fees are payable by the Registered owner of the vehicle to the test centre to receive the Pass Statement which must be then presented to the Motor Tax Office with a fee of 6 EUR to receive a Certificate of Roadworthiness.(CRW). The registered owner of the vehicle must sign the reverse of the Pass Statement prior to presentation to the Motor Tax Office.

Pass Statements:  

Pass Statements issued by an Authorised Tester (Test Centre) should be exchanged at a Motor Tax Office for Certificates of Roadworthiness (CRW) where applicable. It is a legal requirement to have a current CRW for any relevant vehicle and not just a Pass Statement.

When a certified copy of a lost Pass Statement is being exchanged for a Certificate of  Roadworthiness it will only be accepted by the Motor Tax Office provided it is being submitted within four weeks of the test date.

All certified copies of Pass Statements must be signed, dated and stamped by the tester on VTN test centre headed paper. There is no obligation on a Motor Tax Office to accept a copy of a Pass Statement.

Kerry County Council, Co. Buildings, Rathass, Tralee

Phone: (066) 718 3500     Email:

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