NPPR Charge Grace Period Deadline 31st August 2014

Kerry County Council advises that making contact with their offices or the NPPR Bureau by e-mail before the deadline can freeze any additional penalties that might otherwise come into effect on 1st September

The six month period during which further NPPR late penalties cease to accumulate in respect of non compliant properties is due to expire at midnight on Sunday 31st August 2014. Persons wishing to clear their liability can still do so online at

Significant numbers have paid the NPPR liability since the 1st March and many more payments are being processed at present.  Kerry County Council are aware that many more people want to clear their NPPR liabilities before the expiry of the deadline on 31st August. Some people may need to clarify aspects of the liability and as a consequence significant numbers of people are making contact by telephone to Kerry County Council offices. Due to the huge increase in the numbers calling our offices at this time, not all callers will get through and we apologies for this inconvenience.

Any person who wishes to clear their NPPR liability and cannot get through to our offices by telephone can have further late penalties frozen by making contact with either the National Bureau by e-mail at or by making contact with Kerry County Council by e-mail at  before the expiry of the deadline on 31st August indicating the property for which they want to clear  the NPPR liability and giving their contact details. Any person who doesn’t have access to e-mail may correspond in writing with us at Kerry County Council, Revenue Dept., Ashe Memorial Hall, Denny St., Tralee by the deadline of 31st August. Staff dealing with the NPPR liability will make contact as soon as possible after 1st September to make the arrangements for clearing the liability. 

In addition, the phone lines in Kerry County Council at (066) 7162100 (Revenue Dept.) and at (066) 7183500 ( County  Buildings ) will be available to accept messages with regard to NPPR on both Saturday, 30th and Sunday 31st August 2014.   All messages will be dealt with in the coming weeks and any potential additional late fees that come into effect on the 1st September, will be frozen pending a decision by Kerry County Council.

Kerry County Council will deal with all cases presented to them on an individual basis taking into account the circumstances of the property owner.

Kerry County Council, Co. Buildings, Rathass, Tralee

Phone: (066) 718 3500     Email: