County Development Plan 2003-2009

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(Size: 450 KB)

Overall Strategy
(Size: 785 KB)

Settlement Strategy
(Size: 395 KB)

Housing Strategy
(Size: 596 KB)

Employment and Economic Activity
(Size: 388 KB)

Natural Resources
(Size: 394 KB)

Transport and Infrastructure
(Size: 540 KB)

Social, Community, Culture and The Gaeltacht
(Size: 384 KB)

Built Heritage
(Size: 203 KB)

Natural Environment
(Size: 177 KB)

Zoning and Landscape
(Size: 168 KB)

Development Control
(Size: 1,607 KB)

Environmental Assessment
(Size: 1,258 KB)


Appendix 1(a)
Archaeological Monuments and Sites in State Ownership (Size: 60 KB)

Appendix 1(b)
Archaeological Monuments and Sites in State Guardianship (Size: 50 KB)

Appendix 1(c)
Archaeological Monuments and Sites Subject to Temporary Preservation Orders (Size: 63 KB)

Appendix 1(d)
Archaeological Monuments and Sites Subject to Registration (Size: 83 KB)

Appendix 1(e)
Zoological/Botanical Sites (Size: 60 KB)

Appendix 1(f)
Geological and Geomorphological Sites (Size: 58 KB)

Appendix 1(g)
Other Areas of Ecological Importance (Size: 63 KB)

Appendix 2(a)
Record of Protected Structures Recommended by DĂșchas (Size: 1,085 KB)

Appendix 3
Areas of Special Interest pending Designation as Architectural Conservation Areas (Size: 72 KB)

Kerry County Council, Co. Buildings, Rathass, Tralee

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