Finscéalta Aontroma le Kathleen O'Sullivan agus Billy Teare – 09.01.2014

Just a note in the interests of information sharing. A volume of Antrim Folk Tales co written by Kathleen O'Sullivan and Billy Teare, has launched to great popularity and acclaim and has been selling well online (Amazon) as well as at reputable outlets, such as Waterstones.

Well known Irish TV presenter, Joe Mahon has said: "Anyone interested in folk tales and storytelling will want to add this book to their collection.  Billy Teare and Kathleen O'Sullivan have woven a magical mix of memory and imagination and Chris Warminger's illustrations are collector's items in their own right. " JOE MAHON:LESSER SPOTTED ULSTER.

The foreword has been written by Professor Mike Wilson: Dean of Research at the Graduate School, Falmouth University. Who is also author of Storytelling and Theatre. Palgrave Macmillan (23 Sep 2005). He describes the breadth of our repertoire:

" . . . The significance of Antrim Folk Tales by Billy Teare and Kathleen O’ Sullivan is that it so often defies and challenges . . . expectations. Here you will certainly find folk tales from this beau- tiful corner of Ireland, retellings of stories that have been told and retold for generations, and stories that have featured in other folk tale collections. You will also find tales that belong to the wider cannon of Irish Mythology – stories of Oisin, The Children of Lir, Deirdre of the Sorrows, Fionn MacCumhail and the ancient Kings of Ireland. But you will also find items of local history and lore, family stories, personal memories, reminiscences, fragments and even the odd joke here and there. It reminds us that folk tales are not defined by scholars and students of folklore. They are, very simply, the stories that people choose to tell, remember and retell time and again and they come in all forms, shapes and sizes, but collectively express not only who we are, but also why, what and how we are. The richness and variety of stories included here help us understand this . . . Billy Teare and Kathleen O’ Sullivan are well-known internationally for their performances of folk tales and songs . . .mFor me, as a student of the contemporary storytelling scene, this anthology provides fresh insights into how a storyteller today gathers and develops their repertoire. Storytellers have always been magpies and honest thieves, taking material from wherever it can be found and reinventing it with a fresh relevance for new audiences. In the twenty-first century many of us no longer spend most of our lives in the same town or village. "

The book has great potential for arts/educational/cultural/literary events. We hope you will keep us in mind in the new year.

Seasons greetings and kind regards.

Billy Teare and Kathleen O'Sullivan

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