Solvents Regulations

Solvents Regulations (SI No 543 of 2002)

The Emissions of Volatile Organic Compounds from Organic Solvents Regulations SI No 543 of 2002 (Solvents Regulations) were introduced in 2002. If your organisation uses solvents, then the regulations may apply: All installations must comply with either Emission Limit values in waste gases and fugitive emission values or total emission limit values as specified in Schedule 2 or the requirements of a tailored reduction scheme (whereby solvents are reduced or substituted by less harmful products e.g. switching to aqueous based materials or processes) as specified in Schedule 3 (article 7).

A new installation must comply with the solvent regulations immediately before they start operations. An existing installation (i.e. one that has been in operation before 30th June 2003) must have the solvent regulations implemented before October 31st 2005 (reduction scheme) or October 31st 2007 (ELV scheme).

Compliance with the solvent Regulations can now only be achieved using the Emission Limit Value (ELV). This should have been achieved by 31 October 2007. Twelve (12) months data capture is normally required for the inspection to be completed by the Accredited Inspector Contractor (AIC). Submission of the report should be supplied to Stuart Roche, Environmental Services, Kerry County Council. Maine Street, Tralee, Co. Kerry.

AIC inspections must be carried out on an annual basis to check compliance with the solvent Regulations. The report produced by the AIC will then be submitted to the local Authority once the inspection is completed.

The following business sectors come under schedule 1 of the Solvent regulations if operated above the thresholds listed in Schedule 2 of the regulations:

Adhesive Coating
Coating Activity
Coil Coating
Dry Cleaning
Footware Manufacture
Manufacturing of Coating Preparations, Varnishes Inks and Adhesives
Manufacturing of Pharmaceutical Products
Rubber conversion
Surface Cleaning
Vegetable Oil and Animal Fat Extraction and Vegetable Oil Refining Activities
Vehicle Refinishing
Winding Wire Coating
Wood Impregnation
Wood and Plastic Lamination

Accredited Inspection Contractors

In order to attain compliance, an Accredited Inspection Contractor (AIC) must review your operation, and produce a report on the level of compliance with the regulations. This report will state if you are in compliance or not. Please refer to the list of AIC’s on the following website:

An AIC report demonstrating compliance with the regulations must be submitted to Kerry County Council, together with the completed registration form and a fee of €50. On the basis of this documentation, Kerry County Council will make a decision on the issue of a Certificate of Compliance for your operation. Failure to obtain a Certificate of Compliance for your activity may result in Kerry County Council initiating enforcement proceedings under the Air Pollution Act 1987.


If you have any queries in relation to the Solvent Regulations please contact

Environmental Services Section, Kerry County Council, Tel: 066 7162000

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Further information on the Solvents Regulations and the use of solvents can be found on the following websites:

Environmental Protection Agency website:

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