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Council Employees & Elected Members

Kerry Council is committed to implementing the core objectives for Local Government in Ireland which have been set out clearly in ‘Putting People First-An Action Programme for Effective Local Government’. These include public service at local level, leading economic, social and community development, efficiency, value for money, representing citizens and communities, accountability.

This Council has embedded these objectives in its Corporate Plan, and has expanded upon them, setting out its Core Values which underpin all of the activities of Kerry County Council. These Core Values outline how we treat people, provide services and engage with the public and other organisations through:

• Excellence Driven and Continual Improvement
• Respect, Honesty and Integrity
• Citizen Focused
• Civic Leadership and Collaboration
• Good Governance

Kerry County Council’s Core Value of Good Governance outlines that “– we are responsible in an accountable and transparent manner for all our decisions and actions and our performance is open to internal and external scrutiny.”

Under Part 15 of the Local Government Act 2001, Council Employees and Elected Members of Kerry County Council are expected to conduct themselves to the highest standards and have a responsibility to abide by the highest ethics conduct in the performance of their duties. Part 15 of the Local Government Act sets out an ethical framework for those serving in local authorities, whether as staff, or elected members. This framework imposes a statutory duty on Council staff and officials, and councillors to maintain proper standards of integrity, conduct an concern for the public interest.

Codes of Conduct
In order to assist staff and councillors to maintain these standards, Codes of Conduct have been published, outlining the issues that they must have regard to in the performance of their duties, and the standards that they must uphold. In addition, all elected members and Council employees are required to complete Annual Declarations of Interest, while elected members must also supply statements outlining their Annual Political Donations, and also their compliance with the law and the Code of Conduct in their dealings with the Council.

As required under Part 15 of the Local Government Act 2001, Kerry County Council has an Ethics Registrar in place to implement the Ethics Framework. The Ethics Declarations are maintained in a Register which can be inspected, on request, by any member of the public.

The Codes of Conduct for Councillors & for Employees are available below:

Code of Conduct for Councillors

Code of Conduct for Employees

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