Columbarium Wall for Cremated Remains

Columbarium Wall


Kerry County Council is pleased to announce that the first Columbarium wall in the County has been completed in Killarney Burial Ground and is now ready to accept interments.

Cremation is increasing in popularity in Ireland as an alternative to burial.


There is current capacity for 100 Niches and each Niche can accommodate two standard urns. The current cost per Niche is €1,200.00.


As per the Bye Laws, inscriptions on columbarium walls or other facilities for cremated remains, shall be in accordance with council policy.

Engraving on the memorial plaque will be the responsibility of the purchaser to arrange from a suitably qualified engraver approved by Kerry County Council. However, prior approval to the proposed inscription must be obtained from Kerry County Council in advance of any work being carried out.

Standard text including name, address, date of birth, date of death and optional phrases will be made available by Kerry County Council for prior approval. A suitably sized picture shall be allowed (if desired). Inscriptions or pictures other than those with prior agreement by the council will not be allowed and will be removed at a cost to the niche holder. This is to ensure that all inscriptions are respectful to their surrounding and no offence is caused to the families of those interred.


Any enquiries can be made directly to the Burial Grounds Office, Maine St, Tralee, Co. Kerry or through your local undertakers.

Phone: 066 7183512 066 7183718

E-mail: [email protected]


Attached is the Council’s Policy relating to the Columbarium wall and Ash plots. The policy sets out the regulations surrounding interments of cremated remains in Columbarium walls and Ash plots.

The policy can be view here: Columbarium Wall & Ash Plot Policy

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