Getting Through COVID-19 Together


The outbreak of COVID 19 globally is a source of significant stress, anxiety, worry and fear for many people. Not alone from the disease itself, but also from impacts such as increased social isolation, disruption to daily life and uncertainty about employment and financial security. 

The Government Action Plan in response to Covid-19 acknowledges the importance of people maintaining their wellbeing and resilience to push through this unprecedented outbreak.

Visit for advice, ideas and support for your physical and mental wellbeing.

The Top 10

  1. Stay connected – keep in touch with people, and talk about how you feel
  2. Create a routine – getting up, staying active, eating at regular times helps you feel more in control
  3.  Stay Active – even if indoors, or if you can still go out, move around as much as you can
  4. Have a healthy diet – this advice never changes – but eating well really does help your mood
  5. Reduce stress – you’re not working from home – you’re at home, in a crisis, trying to work or homeschool children. There’s lots of great ways to reduce stress.
  6. Stop scrolling – switch off – it’s good to keep informed but try to limit how much news you’re following and take a break every day
  7. Get creative – try some activities like painting, singing, dance. No one is watching.
  8. Help others – see if your neighbours need any help with shopping or medicines
  9. For those cocooning – look for supports from the Community Call lines in each area
  10. Visit – this will provide more Sources and Services that can help.

Kerry County Council Community Call  COVID-19 COMMUNITY RESPONSE – NEW FREEPHONE LINE  PHONE: 1800 807 009
TEXT ‘SUPPORT’ and your NAME to 50555
EMAIL: [email protected]

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