Septic Tank Inspections

The Water Services (Amendment) Act, 2012 provides for the introduction of a national inspection system for domestic waste water treatment systems.  Details of the inspection process etc. are set out in the National Inspection Plan, which was published by the EPA in early 2013.

All such inspections in County Kerry will be carried out by trained inspection staff from Kerry County Council.  Those dwellings due for inspection under the National Inspection Plan will be notified directly in writing by Kerry County Council in advance of the inspection taking place.  However, it is also advisable to seek proof of identity from any person seeking to carry out any inspection at your property.

[It should be noted that Kerry County Council may also carry out inspections of domestic wastewater treatment systems for other purposes.  For example, inspections may be carried out in circumstances where a complaint or report of a malfunctioning system is received from a member of the public.  These inspections may not be pre-notified.]

Details of the National Inspection Plan, along with advice and information on domestic waste water treatment systems (including possible grant assistance) is available on the EPA and DoECLG websites, via the following links :

Details of waste contractors who are permitted to collect septic tank sludges in County Kerry are available from the National Waste Collection Permit Office, via the following link :

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