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The Waste Management (Tyres and Waste Tyres) Regulations 2007 took effect from 1stJanuary 2008. While waste tyres are not classified as hazardous they can cause environmental pollution if disposed of incorrectly or irresponsibly. An estimated 35,000 tonnes of waste tyres are generated in Ireland each year and there is a clear need to improve the way this waste stream is managed. The Regulations impose obligations on persons who supply tyres to the Irish market, whether as manufacturers, wholesalers, suppliers, traders, or retailers and on the collectors of waste tyres.

Persons who supply tyres onto the Irish Market must do one of the following:

Register with Kerry County Council as a self complier


Join an approved scheme as outlined under the Regulations Repak (ELT)

The approved scheme under the above Regulations is known as Repak (ELT) – www.repakelt.ie. Its function is to record the movement and ultimately the environmentally sound management of all tyres generated in Ireland from the manufacturer to the retailer and supplier and on to the consumer and finally to the recovery/recycling of the waste tyres.

Self compliance with Kerry County Council under the Tyres and Waste Tyres Regulations involves strict and onerous reporting obligations.

Kerry County Council Enforcement Staff currently visit tyre manufacturers, suppliers, retailers, fitters and collector’s premises to ensure that the Regulations are being complied with. Details for the correct collection and disposal or recycling of the used tyres are being examined. All waste including tyres, batteries, waste oils, filters etc. must be collected by Permitted Waste Collectors and brought to a licenced or permitted facility.

Self Compliance Registration Form

For further information please contact the Environmental Services Section on 066 712000.

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