Fenit Harbour - Proposed Dredging Operations

Kerry Co. Council propose to commence the undertaking of dredging operations in Fenit Harbour in February 2023. This relates to the disposal of c. 60,000m3 of material which has accumulated within the marina and inner harbour. Dredging is for the purposes of maintenance of the design and operational depths within the harbour in order to facilitate safe navigation and berthing of vessels. Dredging will be carried out using an excavator upon a pontoon and loading into barges. The window available for the dredging campaign is from 01 Feb. to 22 May. The material being dredged consists of clean silt and sand that is suitable for disposal at sea.

The area to be dredged is that within the red outline as shown on drawing no. 1.

Drawing No.1

The dredged material will be deposited at a dump site in the outer Tralee Bay, 5.3 Kms due North West of Fenit Village and 4.0 Kms due West of Banna Beach. The location of the dumpsite is shown on drawing no. 2

Drawing No 2

 A copy of the licence issued by the Environmental Protection Agency (Ref. No. S0007-03) is available upon request in the Harbour Office as is a copy of the Foreshore licence (Ref. No. FS 007041) issued by the Department of Housing, Local Government and Heritage. For further information please contact the harbour office on (066) 713-6231 or e-mail [email protected]

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