The Services We Offer

Kerry County Council, as the primary local authority in County Kerry, provides an extensive range of services which focus on the needs of the public and the improvement of the quality of life of its people. The council plays an active role in the economic, social and cultural development of the county.


Provision of Local Authority Housing
Housing Loans, Grants, Shared Ownership
Housing and Voluntary services
Housing Maintenance
Traveller Accommodation
Homeless Services
Derelict Sites

Roads, Transportation and Safety

The planning, design and implementation of improvements works to the National Primary and National Secondary Road Network in Kerry
Maintenance and improvement of County Road Network
Public Lighting
Piers & Harbour Works
Coastal Protection Works
Casual Trading
Urban & Village Renewal Schemes
Acquisition and maintenance of the Council’s fleet of vehicles
Hire of plant & machinery as required
Stock Control
Issue of Vehicle Licences [Motor Taxation Department]
Issue of Driver Licences [Motor Taxation Department]
Health and Safety
Walking Routes

Water Services and Emergency Services

The operation and maintenance of Public Water Supply Schemes on an agency basis on behalf of Irish Water
The operation and maintenance of Public Waste Water Schemes on an agency basis on behalf of Irish Water
The administration of the Rural Water Programme
The development, management and maintenance of Burial Grounds
The provision, operation and maintenance of Public Conveniences
Provision of Fire and Emergency Services for the County
Fire Safety Inspections for the licensing of premises under the Fire Services Act
The issuing of Petroleum Licences to retail outlets and storage depots under the Dangerous Substances Act
Inspection of buildings for compliance with the Building Regulations

Environmental Services

Provision, maintenance and operation of Waste Facilities
Provision, maintenance and operation of Recycling Facilities
Waste Regulation and Enforcement
Pollution Control
Energy Issues
Environmental Awareness and Education
Coastal Zone Management
Veterinary Services

Planning and Sustainable Development

Planning Development and Control
Forward Planning
Planning Enforcement
Archaeological Services
Heritage Services

Corporate Services

Provision of support services to the Elected Council and its meetings
Customer Service
Freedom of Information/Access to Information on the Environment
Franchise/Register of Electors
Higher Education Grants
Coroners Services
Recruitment & Selection
Personnel Administration
Industrial Relations
Policy Development/Implementation
Staff Training and Development
Staff Welfare
Promotion of the use of the Irish Language
Information & Communications Technology (ICT)

Community, Culture & Recreation

Support for the Arts
Provision of Library Services
The Community & Enterprise Department supports the County Development Board and the development of policies and initiatives with a social inclusion and enterprise focus for Kerry County Council and other Kerry Local Authorities.


Development and maintenance of systems and procedures for budgetary control, management information and general cost effectiveness
Control and supervision of all statutory and financial accounting, investments and borrowing, the management of the long and short term finances and the securing of the income and control of all expenditure of the Council
Establishment and maintenance of satisfactory checking and internal audit systems
Water and Sewerage charge/collection
Rates collection
Insurance and Risk Control

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