Reconstruction / Home Improvement Loan

A reconstruction / home improvement loan can be issued for essential improvements to a person’s sole residence, where the works carried out will make significant improvement to the living conditions of the property. Applicants must own the dwelling to which the works will apply. In order to qualify, you must also meet an income eligibility test, which takes into account the principal earners income together with any second earner’s income in the household. The maximum loan available is €38,000 (€50,000 for offshore islands). This loan is repayable over or 15 years at a variable interest rate.

Note: Kerry County Council do not do consolidation loans or top-ups.
Note: The reconstruction / home improvement loan is not generally available to those solely in receipt of unemployment/social welfare benefits.

Mortgage arrears on Council Loans    

It is Kerry Council’s policy that every effort is made to assist borrowers who encounter difficulties in meeting their Loan repayments. If you are experiencing difficulties with repayments a meeting can be arranged with a member of the Loans Department to discuss your loan.

The process that we use to deal with Loan arrears is known as the Mortgage Arrears Resolution Process (M.A.R.P). Further information can be found at ,,
Mortgage Arrears Resolution Process Borrower Information Booklet

Contact information for Loans Unit:

Tel: 066 7183910

Covid 19 – Mortgage Payment Break for Local Authority Borrowers
The Minister for Housing, Planning and Local Government, Mr Eoghan Murphy TD, confirmed on 14th April 2020 that forbearance arrangements have been put in place for local authority mortgage products.  “Measures to support local authority home loan borrowers have now been agreed. These measures will ensure that a mortgage payment break of up to three months will be made available to local authority borrowers who are in need of it.”  The scheme was extended on 26/06/2020, 29/09/2020 and 27/01/2021 to include an additional 3 mortgage payment breaks up to a maximum combined mortgage payment break period of 12 months.  The Closing Date for applying for your first Mortgage Payment Break was 31st March 2021.  Any borrower currently on a Mortgage Payment Break, or who has previously availed of a Mortgage Payment Break can apply for a further 3-month Mortgage Payment Break up to a maximum combined period of 12 months.  Mortgage Payment Breaks are not required to be taken back to back.  Borrowers who previously completed a Mortgage Payment Break can apply for a second, third or fourth Mortgage Payment Break if circumstances warrant it, even if there was a gap between Mortgage Payment Breaks, however all Mortgage Payment Breaks must be completed in full by 31 March 2022.

Any borrower facing difficulties due to COVID-19 are urged to contact Kerry County Council, Housing Loans Unit as soon as possible by email to or by telephoning 066- 7183910.

Please note the following documents attached:

Initial Mortgage Payment Break – Application Form
Additional Mortgage Payment Break – Application Form
4th Mortgage Payment Break Application Form
Frequently Asked Questions Loan Mortgage Payment Break

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