Mortgage Allowance Scheme

What is the Mortgage Allowance Scheme?
The Mortgage Allowance Scheme is a social housing option which assists tenants and tenant purchasers of local authority dwellings, who wish to return their dwellings to the authority and purchase or build a private dwelling for their own occupation. It does this by reducing their mortgage repayments over the first five years of their mortgage.
The amount of the allowance is €11,450 payable over five years. The allowance is paid directly to the lending agency and results in your mortgage repayments in the first five years being reduced by the relevant annual amount of the allowance, i.e.

  • €3,560 in the 1st year
  • €2,800 in the 2nd year
  • €2,040 in the 3rd year
  • €1,780 in the 4th year
  • €1,270 in the 5th year

The allowance paid in any year cannot exceed the amount of the mortgage repayments, and the applicant must continue to occupy the private dwelling as his/her normal place of residence throughout the 5-year period to which the allowance relates.

Terms and Conditions
Please see the attached link below regarding the terms and conditions of the scheme.

How to apply
If you feel that you satisfy the terms and conditions of the scheme, please click on the Mortgage Allowance Application form link below.
It is in the applicant’s own interest to obtain this letter of intent before entering into any commitment in relation to the private dwelling.

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