Local authority tenants currently pay rent based on a Differential Rents Scheme. This means that rent payable is calculated as a proportion of the assessable income of the principal earner, together with a contribution from any subsidiary earners in the household.

Since 1986 housing authorities have been responsible for adopting their own rent scheme. Therefore, rents vary from authority to authority.

Local Authority rents have a number of guiding principles:

  • Be based on the principle of differential rents and a household’s ability to pay
  • Establish national parameters in which housing authorities must work within.
  • Require that the making of the rents scheme is a reserved function
  • Provide for a minimum base rent to be charged based on household composition, with an additional amount to be charged, where net household income exceeds a certain threshold.
  • Have a national standard list of all assessable income (reckonable income) and non-assessable income (income disregards) for rent calculation purposes.
  • Facilitate direct deduction at source from social welfare payments

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