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The Housing (Traveller Accommodation) Act 1998 required Housing Authorities, in consultation with the Local Traveller Accommodation Consultative Committee (LTACC), representative organisations and with the general public, to prepare and adopt a five-year Traveller Accommodation Programme or for a shorter period as the Minister may direct, to meet the existing and projected needs of Travellers in their area.

The purpose of this programme is to assess the current and projected accommodation needs for accommodation for Traveller families in Kerry County over this period and to outline specific proposals to ensure this need is met. The programme has regard to all relevant legislation

Kerry County Council adopted the Traveller Accommodation Programme 2019 -2024 in September 2019.

Traveller Accommodation Programme 2019 -2024

The Act requires, also, that the programme be reviewed periodically and that the Local Authority take reasonable steps to ensure the programme is implemented.
The Council has commenced a Mid Term Review of its Traveller Accommodation Programme (TAP). This is being undertaken in consultation with the Local Traveller Accommodation Consultative Committee (LTACC).

As part of the process, submissions are invited.

Submissions or observations with respect to the review can be made in writing on or before Friday 9th September 2022 to  Finbarr Canty, A/Administrative Officer, Housing Department, Kerry County Council, Rathass, Tralee, Co. Kerry or by email to [email protected] with the subject line – Mid-term Review – Kerry County Council Traveller Accommodation Programme 2019-2024

Local Traveller Accommodation Consultative Committee
The Housing (Traveller Accommodation) Act 1998 requires that each Local Authority appoints a local Traveller Accommodation Consultative Committee. The membership of this committee is made up of elected representatives, officials from the Council’s Housing Department as well as representatives from the Travelling Community and those persons who are employed by various agencies to represent the needs of the Travelling Community.

The function of the Committee as determined by the Act is:

  • To advise in relation to the preparation and implementation of the Traveller Accommodation Programme
  • To advise on the Management of accommodation for Travellers
  • To provide a liaison between Travellers and members and officials of the appointing authority

Kerry County Council has on its staff, a Traveller Liaison Officer and a Traveller Specific Housing Officer whose roles are to address specific Traveller issues including accommodation.

If you have any queries, please contact Kerry County Council Housing Department on 066 7183862

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