Revaluation Kerry 2021


As part of a national process being carried out throughout the State, the Valuation Office, has started the Rates Revaluation Process for all rateable properties in the County of Kerry.

The Valuation Order for Kerry was signed by the Commissioner of Valuation, Mr John O’Sullivan on Monday, November 4th, 2019, formally starting the process.

The Valuation Office is Ireland’s State property valuation organisation. Their role is to provide ratepayers and local authorities with accurate, up-to-date valuations of commercial and industrial properties. Kerry County Council and other local authorities then calculate commercial rates based on the valuations provided to them by the Valuation Office.

The Revaluation Process aims to ensure that there is a modern valuation base for the levying of commercial rates on a fair and equitable basis across all economic sectors. It is expected to provide a closer relationship between the rental value or valuation of a property and its commercial rates liability.

The process takes 2 years to complete, and the Valuation Office intends that further revaluations are scheduled to take place in every county every 5-10 years.

What will happen?

As part of the Revaluation Process, all ratepayers, commercial property owners and beneficial occupiers of rateable properties will receive correspondence from the Valuation Office in relation to the process, how it will operate and what steps each ratepayer will have to take.

Further Information

A copy of sample documents which each ratepayer will receive, and an information booklet are available here.

In addition, further information will be publicised in local radio and press in the coming weeks. The Valuation Office also intends on holding a number of walk-in information clinics around Kerry in early 2020.

Further information, as it becomes available will be available on this webpage on

There is further information on revaluation available on the Valuation Office website . Information is also available through the Valuation Office Twitter account @VO_Ireland

You can also email specific queries to or contact by telephone on 01-817 1033.


Important Dates

New Valuation Order signed: 4th November 2019
Valuation Date; 16th September 2019
Valuation Office Issue Proposed Valuation Certificates Q1 2020
Period for Making Representations 40 days from Issue of Proposed Valuation Certs
Valuation List Published 15th September, 2021
Appeals to Valuation Tribunal Within 28 days of publication of Valuation List
Date on which new valuations take effect for rates purposes 1st January, 2022



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