Speed Limit Appeal Procedure

This procedure is a 2-step process, whereby the appeal is considered by a Local Authority Panel in the first instance and the decision of the of the Local Authority Panel can be further appealed to a Regional Appeals Panel in consideration of a prescribed fee of €125.

It should be noted that both the Local Authority and Regional Appeals processes must have regard to the ‘Guidelines for Setting and Managing Speed Limits in Ireland’ which constitute a Direction of the Minister for Transport and furthermore, the County of Kerry Road Traffic Special Speed Limit Bye-Laws 2018 as adopted by the elected members in February 2019, were prepared having due regard to these Guidelines.  Please click on www.speedlimits.ie for further information.

The form to complete to submit an Appeal against a Speed Limit is located here.

Any further queries you may have in relation to this appeals procedure may be addressed to Mr. Maurice Brosnan, Administrative Officer, Roads & Transportation, Room 115, County Buildings or emailed to [email protected].

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