The Water Services Capital Unit of the Water Services Department is responsible for the provision of new and improved water and wastewater schemes in the county. The main source of funding is the Exchequer through the:-

  • Water Services Investment Programme and the
  • Rural Water Programme – Remedial Action List (RAL) works.

All of our work, procedures, operations and policies are guided and regulated by a strict framework of directives and regulations.

The Water Services Investment Programme is concerned with the development of infrastructure to facilitate the following aims: -

  • the extension, treatment and distribution capacity of water supply systems in the major towns and villages.
  • the improvement of services in order to provide enhanced treatment of wastewater and reduction in the level of nutrients being discharged to surface waters,
  • the provision of infrastructure within urban settlements to facilitate the development of towns and villages in a sustainable fashion in accordance with the County Development Plan and various Local Area Plans
  • the provision of a satisfactory resource protection with the implementation of water conservation throughout the county

The funding provided under the Water Services Investment Programme (WSIP) is based on an Assessment of Needs undertaken by the Local Authority. The assessment of the strategic medium to long term needs of the County must take account of all relevant National and EU environmental, public health and water quality statutory requirements.

The Assessment is designed to:

• meet the development needs identified in the County Development Plan.
• address deficiencies in the existing infrastructure.
• protect public health and the environment.


The current asssessment identifies the medium term requirements of the Kerry Local Authorities and was adopted by the Members of Kerry County Council in November 2009. This Assessment was then used by the Department of Environment, Community & Local Government for project selection in the Water Services Investment Programme 2010 – 2013

The Programme is operated as a rolling three year programme of investment in infrastructure provision

Water Conservation

Water Conservation is an integral component of the Water Services Investment Programme. Funding is provided to put water management systems in place to monitor water use and losses throughout the supply networks, and replace defective pipes where repair is no longer an economic option. The current Investment Programme targets greater resources towards water mains rehabilitation works.





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