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The Human Resources Department provides a key support function within the organisation through the provision of HR related services across the Council. Our staffing requirements throughout the organisation are met through a range of recruitment and selection tools to ensure that suitably qualified, high caliber candidates are identified and offered employment in our workforce which delivers an extensive range of quality services and functions aimed at achieving outcomes which bring local sustainable economic, social & environmental benefits to our county and the communities we serve.

The Department recognises the ongoing need for training and development of our employees who are our most valuable resource. Upskilling, training and assisting staff in attaining additional relevant qualifications, skills and competencies form an integral part of their development. Ensuring that as a local authority we have a learning and knowledge organisation is critically important in successfully meeting ongoing challenges given the complexity of the Council’s operating environment. The widened role of local government has given the Council increased responsibilities particularly in the areas of economic & enterprise development and in supporting and developing communities. Staff engaged in these and other areas need ongoing training support to develop their skills in order to meet growing public expectations and to ensure public trust and confidence in the Council.

Kerry County Council is an equal opportunities employer and the Human Resources Department ensures compliance with equality legislation in all selection/interview procedures. Applicants are provided with comprehensive documentation detailing the position and recruitment process to be followed and all interview boards are provided with reference documentation to ensure a uniform approach to selection criteria. The Human Resources Department is also responsible for industrial and employee relations and work with local management across all business units to ensure the safety, health and welfare of our employees and facilitates an active Workplace Partnership Committee made up of employee representatives across the organisation.

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