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The National Federation of Group Water Schemes has circulated an advice note to all group water schemes in light of the continuing spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19).

NFGWS Advice Note on Covid-19 and GWSs

Kerry County Council administers the Rural Water Programme in conjunction with Department of Environment which provides funding for the programme, and also with grant aid through the national CLÁR programme (administered by the Dept. of Community, Rural and Gaeltacht Affairs).
For any queries relating to Rural Water please contact 066 7163469 or email [email protected]

The Rural Water Programme comprises the following Grant Schemes:

A Private Water Supply Grants :
This grant scheme is to assist households in rural areas that are dependent on a private water supply (individual well) for their household use, by financially assisting them where they incur capital expenditure, to carry out improvements to the supply to ensure that the water supply is wholesome and clean, or that the quantity supplied is insufficient to meet the domestic needs of the household as defined in the Housing (Private Water Supply Financial Assistance) Regulations 2020 (S.I. No. 192 of 2020).

Private Water Supply – Terms and Conditions

Private Water Supply – Application Form PWS 1a 2020

Keeping your private water supply safe

EPA/HSE Information Campaign on Private Wells

B Grants for Water and Waste Water Group Schemes:
Construction Grants for Group Water and Sewerage Schemes
Grants for the Refurbishment of Group Schemes prior to Takeover by the Council
Grants for Small Public Water and Sewerage Schemes

C Subsidy towards the Operational Costs of Group Water Supply Schemes:
This grant is made available to Trustees of Group Water Supply Schemes. It is a contribution towards the running costs incurred in supplying domestic consumers on private group water schemes that are served from either public or private sources of supply.

Subsidy Terms and Conditions

WS 1 Subsidy Application Form

Téarmaí agus Coinníollacha maidir le Fóirdheontas i dtreo Chostais Oibriúcháin na nGrúpscéimeanna Uisce

Foirm Iarratais ar Fhóirdheontas do Ghrúpscéim Uisce

D Grants payable for Domestic Waste Water Treatment Systems

There are three Grant Schemes to provide financial assistance for the remediation, upgrade or replacement of a Domestic Waste Water Treatment System which serves a house that is occupied by the applicant as their normal place of residence. In all cases the DWWTS must have been registered by the prescribed date of 1 February 2013, or if constructed or installed after that date, within 90 days of connection.

National Inspection Plan – where the DWWTS has been the subject of an inspection by Kerry County Council officials and an Advisory Notice has issued in cases of non-compliance.

NIP – terms and conditions

SI 184 of 2020 NIP

Prioritised Areas for Action –  where a house is situated in a catchment area identified as a Prioritised Area for Action in accordance with the River Basin Management Plan, and where the potential applicant has received a letter from the Local Authority Waters Programme Office (LAWPRO) confirming eligibility to apply for a grant.

PAA – terms and conditions

SI 185 of 2020 PAA

High Status Objective Catchment Area –  where a house is situated in an eligible area High Status Objective Catchment Area Map (Chrome browser is recommended to ensure full functionality) and the potential applicant has received a letter from Kerry County Council confirming eligibility to apply for a grant.

HSOCA – terms and conditions

SI 186 of 2020 HSOCA

E Grants payable under the Domestic Lead Remediation: S.I. No. 519 of 2022 


This grant provides financial assistance to replace lead piping and fittings within the internal distribution system of the premises. The premises concerned must be occupied by the applicant as his or her principle private residence.

Claim form – Domestic Lead Remediation Grant Scheme

Foirm éilimh – Scéim Deontais um Fheabhsúchán Luaidhe Tí

Domestic Lead Remediation Grant Scheme FAQs

Scéim Deontais um Leasúchán Luaidhe Baile

Information leaflet  

Bileog eolais  

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