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Leagan Gaeilge:

The Department of Rural & Community Development has announced details of a further €50 million fund to support the development of community infrastructure and facilities in recognition of the contribution of communities in hosting new arrivals in the county in response to the Ukraine crisis. This fund has been allocated to Local Authorities based on the numbers of new arrivals located there. Under the 2024 scheme, Kerry County Council has received an allocation of €3,946,095. Further details of the recent announcement are available from the DRCD Webpage

The terms of the fund are set out in the “Scheme Outline” document that accompanied the funding announcement and this document forms the basis for the principles for distribution of the fund within Co. Kerry, in particular that the funding is targeted at those communities, villages and towns where the highest levels of New Arrivals are located.

For 2024, there are a number of significant changes to the funding scheme from the 2023 scheme including:

  1. The minimum level of funding for an individual project is €50,000 with a maximum individual grant of €500,000 applying. It is not permissible to combine smaller projects to meet the minimum threshold of €50,000
  2. Projects over €200,000 must provide additional information outlining the specific need for the project. A template for providing an individual business case has been provided by DRCD. In very exceptional circumstances and where a clear need has been identified by the Local Authority the Department may consider exceeding the €500,000 threshold
  3. The Fund (CRF 2024) will be delivered over the course of 2025 and 2026 and a minimum of 50% of the funding allocation must be drawn down in 2025.
  4. Funding proposals can be submitted to DRCD across separate application windows in 2024 and 2025. Each Local Authority must reserve at least 20% of the funding allocation for submissions under the 2025 application window, details of which will be announced at a later date

The majority of the available funding will be distributed through a Public Call for Eligible Projects over two specific funding measures:

Measure 1

A Fund of approximately €770,000 will be allocated for small to medium scale capital projects “that will deliver tangible benefits for communities” with projects ranging in value from €50,000 to €200,000which are proposed  by community groups, cultural organisations, sporting clubs etc. across the county.

For Measure 1, preference will be given to eligible projects which are proposed by voluntary organisations and NGOs who are directly involved in the provision of supports to communities and New Arrivals and who are aligned with the Kerry Community Integration Forum and associated Local Area Response Teams for projects and facilities that can be used by all members of the community.

Measure 2

A fund of approximately €2.3 million will be distributed among Communities, Towns and Villages hosting new arrivals to fund transformative capital projects of scale that will revitalise and enhance the economic and social environment of these areas. Projects under this measure will range in value from over €200,000 up to a maximum of €500,000.

As set out in the Scheme Outline, proposals under this category “must demonstrate that the funding is targeted at, and specifically invested in, those communities, villages and towns where the highest levels of new arrivals are located and where there is a clear need for investment identified.”

It should be noted that all projects proposed under this measure must have the Business Case template in the Measure 2 Application Form completed by giving further details of the needs identified in the location, the extent of engagement and collaboration that resulted in the project selection and the capacity of the community group to progress the projects in line with the terms and conditions of the Scheme Outline. Specifically, applicants must demonstrate sufficient capacity to manage cashflow during the project completion stage and to provide evidence of payment in support of drawdown claims.

In exceptional cases, the maximum project value of €500,000 under Measure 2 may be exceeded, based on the completion of a Business Case by the local authority, outlining the rationale for higher funding due to factors such as substantial local needs, a large concentration of New Arrivals in a single location, low levels of previous investment or other factors specific to the area.

For Measure 2, preference will be given to community projects that would meet the objectives of the County Development Plan, Local Area Plan or Local Economic & Community Plan as appropriate or that would complete or complement existing projects or measures that meet the objectives of these plans.

2024 Funding allocations will reflect the national allocation model i.e. aligned to pro-rata numbers of new arrivals  being hosted in each location in April 2024.

The type of projects eligible for funding under each Measure are as set out in Section D of the Scheme Outline and include:

  • development, enhancement or refurbishment of community or cultural facilities including play areas, walkways, parks, community/sensory gardens including communication boards, allotments, and recreational areas;
  • development, enhancement or refurbishment of local club and sports facilities including facilities such as community swimming pools, changing rooms, toilets, digital aids such as score / information boards etc.;
  • enhancement to school/parish facilities which are open to use by all of the community after school hours;
  • purchase of equipment for local clubs, festivals, community events and organisations e.g. music, arts or sports equipment;
  • transport infrastructure such as the purchase of community vehicles, bus shelters and attendant information boards; and
  • purchase and refurbishment of buildings and/or the purchase of land for the development of community facilities such as play areas/ MUGAs or town parks/ community gardens, recreational areas etc. for community use where a clear need is identified. (purchases must only be administered by the local authority)


Note that it is a requirement of the scheme to demonstrate the number of new arrivals in the town or village and completed application forms must include these numbers. The assessment and approval of all projects across Measure 1 and Measure 2 will also have regard to a number of other factors including:

  • Compliance with the terms outlined in Community Recognition Fund Scheme Outline in particular the eligible projects outlined in Section D and the requirement that projects are beneficial to the community generally;
  • Alignment with the County Development Plan, the Local Economic and Community Plan and where applicable, the Climate Action Plan. Specifically, applicants will need to demonstrate how their project factors in climate change / biodiversity considerations ;
  • Ability to complete the project within the timelines prescribed in the Scheme Outline i.e. 50% drawdown of funding in 2025 and 100% drawdown by November 2026;
  • All appropriate financial, public procurement and accounting rules and regulations must be complied with as set out in Section M Funding Conditions of the Scheme Outline;
  • Confirmation that the funding has not been used as a co-funding source for  other Government Departments’ Schemes including the Community Recognition Fund 2023 or that evidence is provided to show that the application is complementary to, or a different phase of, an existing project;
  • Proposals must demonstrate close collaboration with communities and business interests in the design and delivery of the proposed projects;
  • The range, mix, quality and impact of proposed projects, having regard to the available funding;
  • Other relevant considerations including the preference to have planning consents and/or landowners consents in place, where necessary, or in the case of a lease, evidence that a valid lease is in place for a period not less than 15 years;


Application Forms for Measure 1 and Measure 2 Projects are available below and completed application forms should be submitted to [email protected] by 5:00pm on Wednesday 31st July 2024


Queries in relation to this Fund and the Public Call for Applications may be made by calling 066 7183652 or by emailing [email protected]



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