Enforcement of Planning Conditions and Control of Unauthorised Developments

  • Our Planning Enforcement Officer investigates complaints on unauthorised developments.
  • The Council is empowered to pursue complaints in respect of non-compliance with planning permissions and unauthorised developments.
  • The Council is empowered to pursue legal proceedings in such cases and in cases where developments generally do not conform to planning conditions.
  • The legislative provision for enforcement is contained in Part XIII – Sections 151-164 of the Planning and Development Acts 2000-2019.
  • Freedom of Information Act 2014– Complaints regarding unauthorised development constitute part of the Council’s records for the purposes of the above Act.
  • The Council will endeavour to maintain as confidential any complaints made to it in confidence and in good faith.
  • The Council cannot however, give absolute guarantees on this as requests under the Freedom of Information Act can be appealed by requesters to the Information Commissioner.

Enforcement Customer Complaint Form

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