Tenancy Responsibilities

On signing a Tenancy Agreement, tenants are entering a contract with the landlord Kerry County Council, and must abide by the terms of the Tenancy Agreement.

In signing a Tenancy Agreement Kerry County Council tenants agree to:

Reside in the property as their principal place of residence

Pay rent weekly and any other charges when they are due

Return a Rent Assessment form annually and any other time there is a change of income or circumstances in the household

Maintain the property and garden in a reasonable manner – including walls, gates, grass, hedging and trees

Keep the garden and any footpath or pavement adjoining the property free of litter

Ensure that they, or other people living in the home including children, and any visitors to the home do not become a nuisance to neighbours.  In particular:

No drugs for use, sale or cultivation

No criminal activity

No violence or threats of violence

No harassment or abuse

No loud music

No vandalism

No behaviour which causes or is likely to cause any significant or persistent danger, injury, damage, loss or fear to any person living, working or otherwise lawfully in the area

Get written permission from the Housing Department, Kerry County Council before starting any improvements, alterations or additions to the property and garden

The Tenants Handbook sets out the responsibilities of both of Kerry County Council as landlord and of the Tenant. 

Tenants Handbook

Tenancy Management

When a person is allocated a property by Kerry County Council, they become more than just a tenant of the Council, they become a member of the community and a neighbour to others who live in that community. 

The Council encourages all tenants to become actively involved in their estates and is eager to support and advise tenants in setting up Residents Associations and Community Groups.

Kerry County Council have employed Tenancy Management Officers to help tenants to become involved in their estates and provide support and advice. 

Tenants meet their Tenancy Management Officer when signing their Tenancy Agreement and they are available on an ongoing basis for any queries tenants may have on their tenancy.

Tenancy Management Officers are responsible for ensuring that all tenants comply with the conditions of their Tenancy Agreement and carry out regular on-site visits and inspections in this regard.

Tenancy Management Officers also deal with complaints of anti-social and nuisance behaviour, and treat these complaints very seriously.  All complaints are investigated fully, and where serious complaints are made and are found to be well founded, the tenant or person against whom the complaints are made, may face eviction.  Tenancy Management Officers may in such circumstances instigate statutory proceedings, including seeking a Possession Order through the Courts for the recovery of the property.

Contact information for the Tenancy Management Unit:
Tel: 066 7183897
Email: [email protected]

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